Awdur Eiry Rees Thomas wedi ei henwebu gan Imagiread ymhlith rhestr ‘Women Who Write’ / Mawrth 2018

Mawrth 2018: Awdur Eiry Rees Thomas wedi’i henwebu  gan Imagiread ymhlith ei rhestr,

‘Women Who Write’

Mae athroniaeth Imagiread wedi’i ‘wreiddio yn y gred bod profiadau rhyngweithiol cadarnhaol gyda llythrennedd trwy blentyndod cynnar ac i’r blynyddoedd academaidd yn bwysig o ran gwerthoedd addysgol cryf. Yn Imagiread, rydym yn addasu cyfarwyddiadau llythrennedd ar gyfer dysgwr chwilfrydig heddiw. Rydym yn darllen, rydym yn chwarae, rydym yn dysgu ac rydym yn archwilio mewn amgylcheddau sy’n gynhwysol ac yn unigol yn gwobrwyo ‘.
Newyddion Imagiread: March is here already! In just a few more weeks we will be celebrating Spring weather complete with new blooms and tons of sunshine just for reading outdoors. With so much to read we thought it would be good to take a look at some of the women who not only inspire us to read but also contribute to the projects that we enjoy. There are millions of incredible women to celebrate, and we’re planning to do just that this month by introducing our Imagireading family to who they are, where they are, and precisely what they do.

The idea stemmed from an event we held a few years back entitled Women with Wings. It featured two powerhouse women who are veterans with incredible stories to tell. Both of them were authors, and both of them were awarded by the White House for intensive community engagement initiatives. The event was so well received that we contemplated doing more to celebrate women during March but of course, got busy with facilitating programming. Until now.

Be sure to join us via Instagram for shout-outs and linked profiles to some of our favorite Women Who… features. You might be surprised by a few of them.




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